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difflyoutdoor team

About us

make your adventures unique with our team

We are the Diffly Outdoor team, a community that has always been committed to offering quality products so that your adventures are unforgettable and rewarding. Our goal is to meet your needs, balancing your choice with the opportunity to have fun, where and how you want.We firmly believe in your passions and we want to enhance them through our items, allowing you to enjoy your free time to the fullest. Thanks to Diffly Experience you can participate in our events, an opportunity to discover our products and share your own adventures.

Thanks to our care in material selection and product manufacturing you will be able to spend your leisure time in nature without any worries. We are committed to reliability and durability, which is why we perform quality control before delivering each of your purchases.The search for unique and innovative design is a fundamental aspect of our work, which is why we collaborate with established Italian artists, valuing creativity and expression.

diflly team

Diffly was born from the desire of three Italian guys to combine work and passion and revolutionize the idea of travel. We combined our interest in cars and experiences in nature to give birth to a new concept of adventure. We envision a future where every person can get away from the daily routine and immerse themselves in the beauty of natural landscapes. Contribute to our initiative and become part of our community.

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